Series I: Instrumental Works
Vol. Contents Status Perf. material
1 Symphony No. 1
Symphony No. 1 c minor, op. 5
2 Symphony No. 2 Published 1998
Symphony No. 2 E major, op. 10 Available
3 Symphony No. 3 Published 2000
Symphony No. 3 a minor, op. 15 Available
Appendix:Discarded First Movement Available
4 Symphony No. 4 Published 1995
Symphony No. 4 Bb major, op. 20 Available
5 Symphony No. 5 Published 2007
Symphony No. 5 d minor, op. 25 Available
6 Symphony No. 6 g minor, op. 32 Published 2002
Symphony No. 6 g minor, op. 32 Available
7 Symphony No. 7 Published 2001
Symphony No. 7 F major, op. 45 Available
8 Symphony No. 8 b minor, op. 47 Published 1998
Symphony No. 8 b minor, op. 47 Available
Appendix:Discarded Allegretto Available
9 Concert Overtures Published 2002
Echoes of Ossian, op. 1 Available
In the Highlands, op. 7 Available
Concert Ouverture No. 3 in C major, op. 14 Available
10 Concert Overtures etc. Published 2011
Hamlet op. 37 Not Available
Michel Angelo, op. 39 Not Available
A Summer Day – Idyllic Ouverture Not Available
Funeral March on the Death of Frederik VII Not Available
Echo of 1841 – Overture Not Available
11 Orchestral Suites Published 2004
A Summer’s Day in the Country, op 55 Not Available
Holbergiana, op. 61 Not Available
Appendix:To Holbergiana: Choral Statement according to Source B Not Available
12 Violin Concerto and Novellettes for String Orchestre Published 2003
Violin Concerto, op. 56 Available
Novellettes for String Orchestra, op. 53 Available
Novellettes for String Orchestra, op. 58 Available
Series II: Chamber Music
Vol. Contents Status Performance material
1 Octet, Sextet and Quintets for strings Published 1995
Octet in F major for Strings, op. 17 Available
Sextet in Eb Major for Strings, op. 44 Available
Quintet in f minor for Strings, 1837 Available
Quintet in e minor for Strings, op. 8 Available
Appendix:To the Sextet: First Movement of The Early Version Available
2 The String Quartets Published 1996
Movement in a minor for String Quartet, 1836 Available
String Quartet in F major, 1840 Available
String Quartet in f minor, 1851 Available
String Quartet in D major, op. 63 Available
String Quartet in e minor 1877/1889 Available
Appendix:To the String Quartet in e minor:Original First Movement Available
Appendix: to the String Quartet in e minor:Discarded Andantino Available
3 Works for Piano Quartet and Piano Trio Published 2000
Scherzo in c# minor for Piano Quartet, 1836 Available
First Movement of a Piano Trio in Bb major, 1839 Available
Novellettes in a minor for Piano Trio, op. 29 Available
Piano Trio in F major, op. 42 Available
Appendix: To the Novellettes: Discarded Finale Available
4 Works for Violin (Clarinet) and Piano Published 2008
Finale of a Violin Sonata in A major, 1839 Available
Violin Sonata no. 1 A major, op. 6 Available
Violin Sonata no. 2 d minor, op. 21 Available
Violin Sonata no. 3 Bb major, op. 59 Available
Folk Dances in Nordic Style, op. 62 Available
Capriccio for Violin and Piano, 1878/1892 Available
Fantasy Pieces for Clarinet and Pianoforte, op. 43 Available
Series III: Works For Keyboard Intruments
Vol. Contents Status
1 Works for Piano 1:Works for Piano two Hands Published 2015
Compositions for Piano
A Little Story for Piano
Allegretto grazioso
Spring Flowers. Op. 2B
Scandinavian Folk-songs
Little ‘big’ Trifle
Aquarelles. Little Tone-Pictures. Op. 19 Vol. I
Aquarelles. Little Tone-Pictures. Op. 19 Vol. II
Calender, or: Red letter and Other Days to Remenber – for Sophie
Arabesque. Op. 27
Sonata in E Minor. Op. 28
Folk Dances. Fantasy Pieces. Op. 31
2 Works for Piano 2:Works for Piano two Hands (Continued) Published 2015
Idylls, op. 34
The Children’s Christmas Little Piano Pieces,op. 36
The Danseuse
Fantasy Pieces, op 41
Scherzino, Aquarelle
Reminicences of Italy, Two Neapolitanian Songs
4 Albumleaves
Folk Dance and Romance
Spring Flowers, op. 2B (Rev. 1873)
Three Little Piano Pieces. op 2A
Aquarelle (New Series), Little Tone-Pictures, op.57
Albumleaf, Scherzo
Danish Song (1885)
From the Sketchbook, Little Piano Pieces
Danish Song (1888)
Works for Piano four Hands:
Scandinavian Tone-Pictures, 3 Fantasies, op. 4
3 Piano Pieces for Four Hands in March Form, op. 18
Birthday Polonaise
Bridal and Silver Wedding Aniversary Waltz
Appendix:Sonata in e minor, first Movement, original Version (1839)
Appendix:Sonata in e minor, third Movement, original Version (1839)
Appendix:Sonata in e minor, Discarded Movement
Appendix:In an Autograph Album
Appendix:For a ‘School’ of Piano Playing?
Appendix:Allegro Molto
Appendix:Puzzle in 4 obligatory Notes
Appendix:Cadenza to Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto in c minor, op 37
3 Works for Organ
Three Pieces for Organ, op. 22
Andante con moto in d minor
Movement in c minor
Funeral March
Andante for Four Handes
Chorale Prelude ‘If thou but suffer God to guide thee’ (1)
Chorale Prelude ‘If thou but suffer God to guide thee’ (2)
Chorale Prelude ‘How brightly beams the morning Star’
From heaven above to earth I come (1)
From heaven above to earth I come (2)
All glory be to God on high
Fantasy: Festival Prelude on the Chorale ‘Praise to the Lord’
Two Trios
Andante in g minor
Chorale with Variation ‘A mighty fortress is our God’
Appendix:Discarded Second Movement of “Organ Sonata”
Appendix:Original Third Movement of “Organ Sonata”
Appendix:Original Fourth Movement of “Organ Sonata”
Appendix:Draft of the Fourth Movement of “Organ Sonata”
Series IV: Choral Works
Vol. Contents Status Perf. material
1 Comala, op 12 Published 2013
Comala, op 12 Not Available
2 Elverskud, op. 30 In preparation
3 Four Cantatas In preparation
Frühlings-Phantasie, op. 23
Frühlingsbotschaft, op. 35
Die heilige Nacht, op. 40
Ved Solnedgang, op. 46
4 Kalanus, op 48 In preparation
5 Zion, op. 49, The Crusaders, op. 50 In preparation
6 Psyche, op. 60
7 Baldurs Drøm, 1856-57, Gefion, op. 54, Der Strom, op. 64
8 Occasional Cantatas:
Nordiske Kunstnermøder
Chr. IX’s Jubilæum
Til Poul Erslev
Mindefest for Anna Nielsen
Mindefest for N.P. Nielsen
Sørgekante Levetzau
Herre, Israel råber til dig
Wald und Meer
Kong Alfred
9 Works for Mixed Choir In preparation
10 Works for Male Choir In preparation
11 Works for Equal Voices In preparation
Series V: Solo Songs
Vol. Contents Status
1 Solo Songs with or without accompagniment
Series VI: Music for the Stage
Vol. Contents Status Perf. material
1 Napoli (ballet)
2a A Folk Tale, Acts 1 and 2 (ballet) Published 2009 Not Available
2b A Folk Tale, Act 3 (ballet) Published 2009 Not Available
3 Varia I
Mariotta, 1848-50
Agnete and the Merman, 1838-42
Aladdin. 1839
4 Varia II
Fædrelandets Muser, 1840
Siegfried and Brunhilde, 1847
Klaus Rigmands Skat, 1859
Judith, 1859-60
Kong Lear,
Sganarels Rejse
Adolph og Henriette
Herren seer dine Veie
Series VII: Arrangements and Supplements
Vol. Contents Status Perf. material
1 ?