During his lifetime Niels W. Gade (1817-1890) enjoyed an unusual degree of international recognition, not only in Germany, where he had a brilliant career in association with Felix Mendelssohn in Leipzig in the 1840s, but also in a number of other European countries. After his return to Copenhagen in 1848 and until his death in 1890 he was the undisputed leader of Danish musical life.

Following a decline of interest in his music in the first half of the 20th century, recent decades have experienced a strong revival of interest in this important Danish composer. His works are being performed with increasing frequency in the concert halls, they are being recorded on CD in large numbers, and musicologists in many countries are directing their attentions to the study of his life and works.

In 2017 the musical world will be able to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Niels W. Gade (22 February 1817 – 21 December 1890). [link til artikler om Gades fødselsdag og hvad der sker i den anledning]

A substantial part of his total production was never printed in his lifetime and today it is only by good fortune that one is able to obtain any of his music from antiquarian dealers. Very few of his works have been issued in new editions until the end of the 20th century.

All these factors accentuate the need for a modern scholarly and practical edition of Niels W. Gades collected works.

The present edition (in 7 series consisting of a little less than 40 volumes) will include all com­plete works and complete single movements in their final versions, prepared on the basis of a careful study of all known handwritten and printed sources.

Gade as a young man. Drawing by F. Vermehren from 1845